From Dena Matthews, Board President

This is our 16th anniversary of Denim and Diamonds and it’s the largest fundraiser of the year for Hopes day-to-day operations. We normally spend the night eating and enjoying each others company while helping raise money for Hope in person, but this year we had to move online. The auction will run for two weeks. Thank you to our Board members, sponsors, donors and volunteers for making this event happen and thank you to you, our supporters.

From Angie Ballard, Executive Director

Hello and thank you for joining us for our annual Denim and Diamonds event. My name is Angie Ballard and I am the Executive Director at HOPE Equestrian Center. This is our first time running this event as an online auction and we are so thankful for those who helped us put this together. Thank you to our amazing sponsors who make this event happen every year and stuck with us even in different times. Thank you to Jim Teece who every year spends hours behind the computer helping pull this together. He developed this auction and we are very thankful we are able to use it this year.

HOPE Equestrian Center sees an average of 400 clients each year. Some of these repeat from session to session. These clients include special needs and disabled individuals, at risk youth, wounded veterans, and educational horse camps with an emphasis on underprivileged children in partnership with KUA Charter School. We are so fortunate to have to amazing instructors Tim Womack and Jenna Heath who dedicate so much time, energy, and care into our riders. We are also extremely lucky to have many amazing volunteers who make weekly commitments to HOPE.

Lastly we would like to thank all of you for joining us for this event. A large majority of our funding at HOPE comes from our fundraisers and donations. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you for supporting hope and it’s mission as we move this years auction online. The auction will run for two weeks starting on March 13, 2021 at Noon and running until March 27, 2021 at Noon.

How the Auction System works

* Bids that occur in the last minute of the auction will add two minutes to the auction. Please reload the page often to make sure you see the latest price

Remember to refresh your browser often to see the latest prices.

You can practice bidding on the practice auction item. It’s not real and you will no be charged for it.

The system is setup for Proxy Bidding. You may place a bid that is the next bid amount supplied by the system or you may place a much higher bid that the system will auto-bid up to. Think of this as the amount that is as high as you would want to go for that item, and the system will bid on your behalf to beat other bidders, one bid at a time. If no one else bids on an item, the price will not rise.

We will reach out after the sale closes to work out payment and pickup of items.

You will receive an email if you win and be given a link to pay online for your convenience. You do not need to pay this way.

You will also receive emails if you are outbid on items you bid on.

You can use the “Add to watchlist!” feature on each item to follow along on the bidding progress even if you are not bidding on the item.  “My Auction” in the menu will show you all the items you are watching (If you are not watching any, it might show you a random list) as well as show you a list of all the auction items you have bid on.

By registering and bidding you are accepting the responsibility to pay for the items you bid on and win.

All sales final. Buyer is responsible for any shipping costs if items cannot be picked up.

Buyers must be 21+ in order to buy wine. ID will be checked at pickup.

If you want to support Hope, but do not wish to bid on an item, you can always Make A Donation or Adopt a Horse or Adopt a Rider.